The NCAA limits basketball jersey numbers with a rule that is sensible till you take into consideration it – NCAA basketball
I, for one, am in poor health of numbers and the way dang large they get. Because of this, I give never-ending because of the NCAA and their rule about basketball jersey numbers. By way of proscribing numbers to digits you’ll rely with 5 palms, my existence has been simplified and I’m sound asleep higher. They did not even waver when the NBA solved the problem! They simply stored announcing “0 to 5 handiest.” Positive, perhaps they do not “keep in mind” when this rule turned into into lifestyles as a result of it’s not a “large deal.” However the essential phase is ensuring avid gamers have restricted choices and subsequently cannot select a bunch that may assist them develop into a person. Reuse, cut back, recycle numbers in faculty basketball.

Written and produced by way of Ryan Simmons and Will Buikema
Shot and edited by way of Joe Ali and Jiazhen Zhang
Animations and graphics by way of Philip Pasternak


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