Sarvam Thaalamayam evaluation by means of Prashanth

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Evaluation about lately launched tamil film Sarvam thaalamayam directed by means of Rajiv Menon. The film has G V Praskash , Aparna , Nedumudi Venu , Vineeeth , Kumaravel and plenty of others enjoying the lead position. Track composed by means of A R Rahman.
sarvam thaala mayam film

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48 Replies to “Sarvam Thaalamayam evaluation by means of Prashanth”

  1. Otha padam ma da ithu…..
    Dai kundu koothi sema ganda iruku…
    Sathima AR RAHMAN music podalA
    From my heart ithu romba kevalamana padam…
    Oru scene kooda nalla la
    Except antha venu sir acting …sema…
    Kasu kaga gundan etha vena sappuduvan…

  2. If NEDUMUDI VENU IS AN engilsh ACTOR, he would have won atleast 5oscars, im not exaggerating .
    He is one of the best ever actor. MORE OR EQUAL TO MOHANLAL.
    Big fan of venuchettan, from kerala

  3. The way, you reviewed the movie makes everyone to watchable…. After a long time, old AR.Rahman is back….with his magical tunes👌
    Music is for everyone which revealed in this movie. Good acting from GV. Movie is good more than expected👌👍👍

  4. Padam pathachu but 90 or 93 thanthurukalam I like no I love the traveling scene especially desert and nagaland lan Semma and kumeravel sir vanthu tea glasses Oru definition solluvaru athoda artham unmaiyanathu mothathula truly deserved film

  5. I watched this film yesterday in udhayam theatre… Thalapathy narpani manram reference nalla use pannirkanga like blood bank and all are super but overall film ah 1 week la thookiduvanga coz theatre la mothame 25-30 ppl tha irunthanga coz it lags in so many areas… two Songs i really loved ….Nedumudi venu was awesome his acting vera level,his dialogue delivery is really superb but GV P should have done better act coz he couldn't match up nedumudi venu…. Screenplay romba lag… Climax laam waste.. I saw this film for only Rajiv menon but I didn't expect Rajiv menon gave this unworthy film…. Overall sollanumna 50/100….

  6. Watchable movie for Neduudi and kumaravel sir and GVP and Heroine and One and only AR RAHMAN and music lesson for mastero has to come forward

  7. உன் பேச்ச கெட்டு பணம் போனதுதான் டா மிச்சம் ….. ப்ளூ சட்டை தான் டா reviewக்கு correct uh… சொம்புக்கூதி …….

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