RAPTURE ALERT! A number of Outstanding Jewish Rabbi's Say Jesus 2 Seem B4 Israel Election April 9 2019! – Israel election

RAPTURE ALERT! A number of Outstanding Jewish Rabbi's Say Jesus 2 Seem B4 Israel Election April 9 2019! – Israel election
Pray this prayer sincerely to understand your stored
Jesus, I imagine you got here to earth, I imagine you died at the Go for my sins. I imagine you rose once more at the third day and went again to Heaven to arrange a spot for Your Youngsters To reside with You Without end . Please forgive me of my sins. Blank my middle, white as snow. Come reside in my middle, make me a kid of the King, a brand new creature in Christ, on your valuable Identify I ask this…amen.
Do this stuff after praying the Salvation Prayer:
1) Get a King James Model Bible and browse it day by day, it is going to feed your spirit and soul, the way in which you feed your frame with meals and water.
2) Pray to Jesus On a regular basis. He’s your NEW Absolute best Buddy and He Desires to Communicate with you day by day.
3) You should definitely discover a christian church and get water Baptized, dunked below water, when you’ve got been sprinkle baptized previously it does NOT depend.
4) Pray to be stuffed with the Holy Spirit, “Sanctified”. You do that by way of praying, studying the Bible and dwelling for Jesus.
5) take your King James Bible to church. When the preacher speaks, make certain what he says fits your Bible, it now not, stand up and stroll out and discover a new church.
6) ***VERY IMPORTANT*** Make SURE you REPENT of EVERY SIN you do now, ask Jesus to forgive you with a decent middle and He’ll.
***If you need me to hope with you or for you for ANYTHING, please message me and I will be able to upload you to my day by day prayer checklist. Might God bless you!

*My Trust Observation*
1) I imagine In The Triune God Head, God Jesus and the Holy Spirit
2) Salvation Thru Jesus Christ Is The ONLY Means To Heaven
3) I imagine Christians MUST REPENT Of Submit Salvation Sin
4) I imagine in immersion Baptism best
5) I imagine in Holy Communion
6) I imagine all other people will spend endlessly in Heaven or Hell
7) I imagine in Conditional Safety
8) I imagine within the Pre-Tribulation Rapture
9) I imagine God Created the Heavens and the earth
10) I imagine in ONE God, Jehovah & Jesus Christ His Son

https://youtu.be/1ZWSIiYG-pE (***URGENT WATCH & SHARE***)
http://youtu.be/Jin8DjU6-9Q (***URGENT WATCH & SHARE***) – Israel election
Israel election – Israel election
– Israel election

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