The film tale offers with Mass an orphan, who bonds smartly along with his landlord’s son Adi. He’s in the back of a collegian Anjali, who occurs to be the daughter of Vizag town’s mafia don Satya. This restricts her from falling for him, as it will land him in peril, however she in spite of everything provides in after a while. She means that he ties the knot right away prior to her brother Seshu and Satya take a look at keeping apart them. The gangsters, within the procedure, kill Adi when he tries to forestall them when they are trying keeping apart the lead pair prior to their marriage. Mass strikes into Vizag and remains in an condo hiding his id to take revenge at the mafia dons. In the end, his quest for revenge is finished and he additionally gets rid of the delinquent parts within the society by means of killing them.
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